Are you experiencing struggles that are negatively impacting daily life?  Maybe you have recently gone through change in your life, or maybe putting others first has finally caught up with you and is now impacting you and your family.  Maybe you are tired of not connecting with your child or you are tired of seeing your child struggle.  Whatever the reason, you are not alone and the problems that you are experiencing are normal.  We live in a world where everyone's success and accomplishments are posted and emphasized on social media.  This causes us to believe we are alone in our struggles, and we then put off seeking help.  Everyone showcases their best self to others, but it is important to understand that EVERYONE struggles, and EVERYONE needs help at times.


Life can be better, and your search for help indicates that there is HOPE.  You may be wondering if you actually need counseling,  since most people believe that counseling are only for "crisis" situations. Counseling is not just for those in crisis.  Counseling can help you through whatever challenges you are facing, and help you to have a better life and be a better you.  It is important to know, that you can make it through this!  Bridgeway Counseling wants you to know that we are here to help you and your family reach a place of healing, peace, strength, and HOPE. 


If you are still having doubts as to whether or not counseling is right for you or your child,  or you are unsure as to how you will fit counseling into your busy life ---- give Bridgeway a call!  We offer a free 10 minute consultation with no obligation to sign up for services. We currently have 3 office locations (Decatur, Huntsville, & Madison), and scheduling an appointment is easy! Contact us now, and lets discuss how counseling can help you, your child, and your situation.  


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